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Tiny Lola

Dark Brown Fleece

Dark Brown Fleece

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A new fleece was just dropped off! A beautiful deep brown like dark chocolate.

Merino x Border Leicester - Grown Avoca

Tiny Lola Yarn is grown, hand processed and handspun in Avoca Victoria. 

The measurement stuff:

My yarn is handspun to 9-12 wpi: an approxiamate DK ply.

Skeins weigh between 90 and 100grams and have a meterage of approx 148 metres.

The technical stuff:

WPI or wraps per inch refers to a way of measuring the thickness or ply of a yarn. Wrapping the yarn around an inch long guage or ruler and counting the wraps. 

Please consider that WPI is subjective and magical (!) and results will vary depending on how tightly the yarn is wrapped. I can assist with adjustments to patterns you prefer. It's always best to work up a gauge swatch before starting a project. 



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