About Tiny Lola

The story of Tiny, Lola and VC.


I met Tiny in May 2019 when she was just a few hours old. Tiny is a survivor. I've made every mistake in the book with my Tiny-Girl but we've made it through. We always will.

I'm so grateful she found me. 🧡


When Tiny had settled in I realised she needed a friend. Lola was a rescue lamb. She taught Tiny and me how to be sheep. She's loyal and bossy and beautiful and of all the mob she loves me the best. Just the way I love her. 💙


I have always loved knitting. I remember knitting on the tram going to school. I have loved sheep since I met Tiny and Lola.

Like all women my age my journey to now has been many things. But here I am with #kindness, #gratitude and #courage.

And sheep.

My Mission

To provide #kindness, #gratitude and #courage to myself and others everyday through action and expectation.

To create beautiful handspun wool from the fleeces of my glorious Tiny Lola Small Mob that have delivered my best life.