Tiny Lola Yarn is grown, hand processed and handspun in Avoca Victoria.

Tiny Lola Yarn is all natural colours, straight from the sheep's back.

Grown in Avoca, by my Tiny Lola Small Mob, each season selected fleeces will be highlighted, hand processed into batts and roving and handspun into yarn.

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Tiny Lola started as idea to bring kindness and breathing space to women in the community around me.

It has grown into a handspun yarn business using Tiny Lola Small Mob fleeces and gifted fleeces from Avocan and local small town farmers. I'm very grateful for the local support.

A Mt Lonarch farmer said to me after my challenging first lambing season "you have to start somewhere...". Some of my days are challenging: all my days require courage. I started and I'm not looking back. Neither should you.

Thank you for considering Tiny Lola for your handspun journey. I hope you love Tiny Lola Yarn as much as I do.


My Mission

To provide #kindness, #gratitude and #courage to myself and others everyday through action and expectation.

To create beautiful handspun wool from the fleeces of my glorious Tiny Lola Small Mob that have delivered my best life.